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Investing in a Home or Business Solar System will give you a 30% average “Annual Return”, with an  average 820% (ROI) "Return on Investment" for every $Dollar you invest in your system.

Too good to be true? Not if your property is in New Jersey. Invest in a Solar System and enjoy the elimination of up to 100% of your electric bill cost every month, $Dollar for $Dollar.  Tax credits equal to 30% of the total cost of your system.  (SRECS) Certificates are created monthly for every 1000kw generated from your system that are sold like stocks on the open SREC Trading Market  at a current average of $260.00 per certificate as of 7/15/16.  This means unheard of averages of 30% Annual Returns with an average 820% (ROI) in today’s market for every $Dollar invested in your system. Create your own “Solar Portfolio. The best part is, you can see your investment on your property every day.  856-405-7379 to learn more.

Reliable solar & wind system services

“Fact vs Fallacy” What is the truth about monetary & social benefits of Solar  

Advanced Energy Evolution of Oaklyn, NJ is in the business of providing Consultation, Design, Sales and Installation of Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Systems for the past 12 years. Let our professionals show you the most effective and "Money" producing system for your home or business. Free Consultation, Design and Cost. "No obligation" "No pressure".

Our primary goal at “AEE” is to make sure our potential customers are informed as to the reality of the remarkable monetary and social benefits of Solar as well as the “Bad Information” currently out there. Did you know a Solar System will “pay itself off completely” on average of only “5 Years” after installation. “No tax increase” on your property even though your system will “increase property value” considerably. Your system becomes “part of the deed” to your property and the benefits “transfer to a new owner” when sold. You can install as little a portion of Solar on your property as you like and can “add more up to 100%” of your electric usage at any time. Solar or Wind systems can be “installed on the ground” rather than on your roof. “Yes, there is much more”… We will show you a very competitively priced system to meet the needs for your home, business or farm, whether it be Solar, Wind or a “combination of both”…  



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